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Madeline Grace Swann

+Sweet Bookworm and Notorious Bad Girl

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“Curiosity is insubordination in its purest form.”
— Vladimir Nabokov

Hello stranger,

Whether you have heard of me before, or this is the first time, I am pleased you have stumbled into my little world.

I am at once everything you would expect from a sweet collegiate girl - kind, earnest, prompt. I read books before bed, and always finish my homework. My free time is spent traipsing about cafés, giggling with girlfriends, and planning future travels.

Well-behaved as I may seem, there is a secret world of wonder that bubbles beneath my innocent facade.

On any unsuspecting night you may find me clad in silk, bent over a man whose hand grips my throat gently, whispering, “I knew you were trouble”.

After classes I go home only to head out an hour later to a chic downtown restaurant, a gallery, perhaps a rented room.

My closet overflows with secret treasures - couture lingerie, a loving whip, dirty books that have been banned in many countries.

A flash of thigh peaks out from beneath my skirt, accompanied by a cocky grin. Good girls are masters of mischief.

I am a woman who runs deep. Academic, filthy, and miraculously open-hearted, I am the companion for those who seek a true friend - someone who is interested in people’s inner worlds, their unspoken desires. I am empathetic and wild, constantly pulled between intellectual prestige, and careless, joyful revelry. At the core of me remains one eternal truth: I am a soft, loving creature.

Endlessly curious is the way I would best describe myself; hungry for experience is how I would best describe you

The Look

Madeline Grace Swann is a 5'7", slender, 21 year old caucasian woman with long blonde hair and grey eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, and Couples.


My heart is captured by many things.

I am mostly known for my love of books - like Belle in The Beauty and the Beast, I grew up in a small, isolated place where I lived through the magic of stories. I also grew up bilingual, giving me an enhanced appreciation for the art of words. I enjoy prose because it is fragmentary, because it exists in a moment but disappears once it is read, because it illuminates places in the human heart that we rarely ever see.

I am also a collector of beautiful objetcs - from impeccably tailored clothing, exquisite underthings, and evocative perfumes, to dried flowers, records, and volumes of poetry. I gravitate towards things that are rare, emotional, and gogeous in an otherworldly sort of way. Memories, of course, are my favourite thing to collect.

For music I love Patti Smith, and Portishead. Joni Mitchell, Tori Amos, and Kate Bush are some of my favourite songwriters. I never tire of Otis Redding, Cigarettes After Sex, and Lana del Rey (can you blame me).

Restaurants and food are a particular passion of mine - I know Toronto’s best haunts like the back of my hand. From vampy lights and swanky artisan cocktails, to subterranean dim sum joints, or the cornucopian quality of a decent tasting menu, I’ve always got a recommendation up my sleeve. The only thing I like better than the food and the company is dressing for the occasion.


I never discriminate. Not based on ability, age, race, gender, or bedroom fancies. If your heart is open, and you seem like a friendly soul who will curl up into wonder and enjoyment with me, that is enough. If anything, your little quirks and curiosities compel me. Your humanity is the most beautiful thing about you.

I am generally available after 6pm on weekdays. I have daytime availability a couple days each week, but those slots fill up fast, and are generally reserved for longer engagements such as lunch, or coffee.

As I do experience a high volume of requests, and am lucky enough to be quite selective about who I invite into my little world, I do reserve the right to pick my suitors based on compatiblity, interest, and politeness.

Suffice to say, I want to hear about YOU when you reach out to me. Tell me what you enjoy, what you are looking for, what you hope will come of our time together. I suspect you will be pleasantly surprised.


Slots in my schedule are sought after, so please make sure to reach out a week (preferably two) in advance. While I am flattered by same day requests, accomodation is a logistic impossibility. I live my life to the fullest, and it shows in my busy schedule.

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