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How to do Your Homework on an Escort Before Contacting Her

Ashly Lorenzana’s Avatar Article by Blog Slixa Late Night

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So how can you increase your chances of meeting with an escort who you actually want to see again? My best advice is to do your homework on each woman before you even attempt to book an appointment with her.

The thing is, you can learn a ton about an escort by simply using what is available on the web. Once you find an online ad that catches your eye, be sure to search the site you found it on to see her other ads.

By checking out other ads posted by an escort, you can get a better idea of what kind of deals she offers, how often she is available and when she tends to post ads as well. This is all helpful information for scheduling and finding someone that will work for you.

If the escort you want to see has an official website, be sure to visit that as well. Sometimes you can find a link to their site in an ad, so keep your eyes peeled and see what additional details they share on their own site to make sure that you are clear on rates and services BEFORE you contact them.

You don't want to make the mistake of scaring her off because you don't remember these things. Talking specific amounts and acts is generally frowned upon and should be avoided.

Next step is to do some of your own research and find any reviews that have been posted online for a particular escort. Many seasoned hobbyists make a habit of posting reviews and sharing the details of their encounters online.

Read as many as you can find, but keep in mind that reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. Some could very well be fakes, whether positive or negative and the only way to truly find out is by firsthand experience.

Generally speaking, doing a Google search for the escorts name or (more likely) stage name will uncover lots of valuable information you should have before you make arrangements to meet. This way you know what to expect and you increase your chances of meeting someone you will enjoy your time with.

Last but not least, there is good old fashioned word of mouth. Getting in touch with other hobbyists is a pretty effective way to find out which escorts you might want to meet with and which ones are not a good fit for you and your tastes.

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