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Male to Female Anal Sex

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The thoughtful advice and opinions of the author of this article are meant to be informative and entertaining and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Slixa.

So – besides looking at the booty -  what else is on mind? Admit it. You like:  Looking at it!  Kissing it! Caressing it! Squeezing it! Being lightly suffocated by it! You want to fuck it, right?

In recent response to My product review blog on strap-on sex, a strong handful of friends asked about anal sex. Heterosexual anal sex. Both “Man on Woman” or “Natural” anal; and also “Woman on Man” Strap-On Style Play. Personal experience says many men like getting fucked in the ass by a woman. I'm not Kinsey so I'm not able to quantify that with absolute government approved statistical data, though seriously, a lot of guys like ass play ranging from rimming to finger spotting to full on fingering, and strap on play; there are also quite a few folks out there into super-sizing and fisting, though that is deviating into a sub-culture fetish form of anal fascination. Right now I'm not going to talk about “kinky” or advanced ass play. No biting. No smacking. No strap-on. Let's stick to basics.

“Male to Female Anal Sex”


“M2F A/S”


Men and women seem to have slightly different stimulation triggers. I don't know many women who get a pulse beat need in their ass to be fucked, though most women – if in a state of heightened sexual interest – are able to orgasm incredibly well from anal sex. Two – of various - possible points of interest: 1. Some times “M2F A/S” is just because the man wants to fuck in the ass and get off, say, in a “special play friend” type scenario. 2. Other times“M2F A/S” is more about getting the woman so hot and heavy she will go where she is led. The later is more time consuming, yet also more intimate. Either way is fine, depending on your agreement.

Regardless of  style both “players” should be fresh & clean. Gentle soap is nice. I love liquid castille soaps, basic mild bars or some of the natural Eastern soaps. You don't want to use heavily perfumed soap or too much antibacterial soap which can be a little bit abrasive on sensitive skin. As far as shaving? Smooth skin is wonderful, though broken or bumpy skin is not! It is also really sensitive, which can distract from pleasure. Shave or wax a couple days before anal. Also - At least until you know how your body responds to things, the woman should either “evacuate” aka “enema” or “bulb rinse”, and/or don't eat anything too heavy. Condoms and lube should always be used. Make sure the lube is safe for ass play. For instance, Non-Oxynol 9 is a spermicide which can irritate sensitive skin. Disposable gloves – in the correct size - should be available, along with unscented baby wipes, paper towels and a small plastic trash bag near by to dispose of used items. I love having washcloths and warm water available. To me, a warm compress makes everything feel so much nicer!

I'm going to say if the “M2F” anal moment is about the man just wanting to get a piece of the taboo booty, keep it clean, slick, short and sweet. Lube up. Find your comfortable position. Slowly go forth. You shouldn't smack fuck hard when having anal sex because that can tear the delicate crinkle of the anal flower. Even if it is slightly impersonal, it should be slow and easy. This is a great time for a lot of hard verbal while being physically gentle. Now, I know this should be feeling really good right now, though you need to keep an eye on time. Why? Because too much anal can get uncomfortable for many ladies if it goes on too long, or involves switching positions once you actually start fucking. If the lube starts to dry out, don't spit on on your hand or her ass. Instead - Try pulling out and coming while looking at the ass instead of while fucking the ass. That can be really exciting! If your special lady is okay with it, you could even take your condom off to shoot a load on her back. Still safe sex, you get to see proof of satisfaction.

If the “M2F” anal moment is more about getting it totally hot and heavy, foreplay is the way to go. In fact – it is “THE Play”. Whether you actually fuck or not, intimate ass play is involved. Get her machine reared up and ready to go by massaging her ass cheeks with your hands, graduating sized anal beads, thin vibration devices or Hitachi style vibration wands, or if you are into “worship” - a lot of soft kisses leading into full tongue oral. Get her off a few times if possible, remembering to “let up” a little bit in between things so that she can “reboot”, and get into the need for more interactive action. What can you do? Whatever seems good. Have her do a lap dance while you are on intermission. Shake that T & A around a bit.

Then get back to that anal flower. Many people believe the clitoris is the only love button on the body, however anal worship can feel amazing, especially if the woman gets to masturbate her clit while her ass is massaged and kissed. This has fantastic physical and visual possibilities. Don't feel as though you have to stay on one small spot. See how she responds either verbally, or – since verbal feedback can be awkward for some women during a lot of intense stimulation - by how her body responds to your actions. Lay beneath her and let her ride your face. If it does not tickle her, massage her thighs, and even the feet while she is on all fours, with you kissing her hole from behind. Let her get good and wet, stretching that stimulation out with some hot verbal on how sexy she is when she let's herself go. Let her know you are into it, and that she is hot dot beautiful!

Keep in mind, despite all these examples, you don't have to do everything each time you explore an erogenous zone. If you perform oral one time, and some hand play another, and full sex only on  a sort of special occasion, that can really preserve how special it can be. You don't want for either of you to become expectant on a set of response / reactions, right? Relax with it! And don't forget to laugh off any minor embarrassing moments.

The only rule besides absolute consent?

NEVER back your shaft from A hole to front hole or oral.

Regular STI testing is strongly suggested, even if you are practicing safe sex standards. It is just easier to relax with your special play partner/s if you know that everything is in good shape. Your health is your wealth, and your orgasm should not compromise the greater good, it should complement it!

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