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Tips On How To Spot A Fake Escort Or Adult Provider

Jenny DeMilo’s Avatar Article by Blog Slixa Late Night

The thoughtful advice and opinions of the author of this article are meant to be informative and entertaining and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Slixa.

It’s hard to tell whats what, there so many to chose from and they all look delicious, like tasty bites of yummy candy but how do you know the girl in the photo is going to be the girl that shows up to meet you? You don’t and nothing is 100% - but here are a few tips to help you weed though the possible fakes and get to the good stuff.

1. Google the phone number

If the phone number comes back attached too several different girls. One blonde, one brunette, one tall, one Asian then odds are you have found yourself an agency or a fake. Sure she will tell you when you call that her and all her varied  girlfriends share a phone but you can bet dollars to donuts thats a big fat lie. They are trying to hook you into booking by making something up. Good luck seeing that drop dead supermodel, it's very likely someone more resembling her mother will show up.

2. Google her image(s)

What was life like before Google?! A really cool little trick is to Google the provider's image or images to see if some not-so-cool matches come up. Here's exactly how you do it:

a. Right click on the image of the hottie you're hoping is real. Select "Copy Image URL"

b. Go to this link and click on that little camera icon in the search bar.

c. Place your cursor in the search bar and right click to paste the image URL.

d. Click the blue search button and prepared to be head-over-boots pleased or disappointingly shocked at the search results!

Google displays all search results matching that image. If you see matches of Maxim models, has-been celebrities, lingerie models, photography stock images and other assorted matches that just don't plain make sense, you've more than likely busted the little lyin' darlin'! However, if you're honest angel passes the test, move on to number 3...

3. If it looks too good to be true....

There are supermodel escorts. Girls so pretty it makes your eyes hurt to just look at them. These girls usually come with a very hefty price tag. If if looks too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true. That beautiful Maxim model is not going to show up for less then your mini van payment. It’s just not going to happen as much as you wish it would. Examine her ad. Do her rates seem to match up with her persona? If her pictures look like its ripped out of last months Playboy magazine, then it probably was and someone is using a fake picture to reel you in. Picking a girl who is attractive to you, has persona you think you would enjoy spending time and with for a reasonable amount of cash is the best way to go. Expect that her rates will be comparable to her presentation but remember this is not a pastime for bargain hunters.

4. Check out her web presence

Not all escorts have a big web presence but many do. They are a savvy bunch and use social media marketing with the best of them. Does she have a Twitter, a blog or even a Facebook? Find out then read them! While we’re at it, does she have a professionally designed website with enough information for a potential new friend to make an informed choice as to what kind of person she is? All these things will help you weed out fakes. Especially if you are new to the escort world.

Nothing is foolproof but the best way to not be fooled it to use your critical thinking skills to aid you in making a wise and informed decision. If you keep your wits about you and don’t make snap decisions when choosing an escort you will be set up for an awesome experience with the sexy lady of your choice.

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