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Dinner Date Dos and Don'ts - Dining With An Escort

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One of the best parts of my job is the way in which it allows me access to people and places I wouldn’t otherwise get to know. Like most younger providers, I don’t run in the kinds of social circles that include policy makers and businessmen and opportunities to dine at fancy restaurants, so it’s always a pleasure getting to know my diverse clients over delicious meals. I’ve come to realize, however, that a lot of men who pay for my services are unsure how to interact with me in such a public setting. The uncertainty is understandable, and I’m here to help. This little list of advice should clear things up!

1. Make sure you know the reservation details. You don’t want to tell the host you’re meeting someone, have him ask you who, and be forced to respond with “Goddess Sadistica” or “a pretty young lady half my age." Many providers like to arrive early and wait for a client in view of the door in order to avoid such situations, but it’s also a good idea to ask her what name she’s making the reservation under (or make the reservation yourself!), so you can avoid any awkwardness with the maître d’.

2. Take your cues on discretion from your companion. Some providers use dinner dates as a way to get to know their clients better before a private appointment, while others offer public companionship purely for the clients’ benefit. Why you two are meeting will impact what you talk about. When I initially meet a client for dinner, it’s to make sure he’s safe and reliable and to give us an opportunity to discuss his kinks in person before we play. Some clients are unnerved by such public discussions. What they fail to consider is that I make sure to arrange the meetings in restaurants that will afford us some privacy and that are located in a neighborhood (usually Manhattan’s Chelsea) in which other diners won’t be disturbed by our subjects of discussion.

On the other hand, I’ve also had clients take me to a posh Midtown eatery after a session to unwind and try to talk about what just went down. If I haven’t brought up the topic of kink, gentlemen, it’s a no-no to go there yourselves! Trust that professional companions are professionals for a reason, and follow our lead on how discrete to be in any given place.

3. Don’t be a cheap date. Thankfully I’ve never run into this issue, but I hear stories from other providers who have: a client warns his companion not to order the more expensive items, or to order too much. I can’t stress this enough, men: if you’re on a budget, don’t go out for dinner dates! You don’t want to look stingy or rude, so make sure you have more than enough money for whatever your companion may order. I promise you we won’t try to take you for a ride and order the most expensive entrée, plus an exorbitantly priced bottle of wine, three sides, and two desserts. We want return clients who eagerly anticipate our company, not one-off get-togethers with men we can squeeze dry. Trust us enough to be reasonable about what we order.

4. Remember you’re paying for more than dinner. I know of very few providers who will accept a meal as payment, yet clients often forget to have an envelope at hand at the start of the dinner appointment. This would probably be remedied if clients remembered the kind of work involved for us. Remember that it takes effort and enthusiasm to be a truly engaging dinner date, and that we deserve to be compensated for our time and company! Keeping this in mind might also cut down on awkward silences. We’re there to listen and chat, so enjoy your time with your beautiful, exciting date and be engaging in turn!

Whether it’s a prelude to a first private appointment or a way to wind-down with someone you’ve been seeing for months, a meal with a provider should be a fun and relaxing time for both of you. Now that you know these simple rules for engagement, your next time out should be a blast.

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