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There have been many changes in our industry over the past year. The landscape has changed. Privacy, security and freedom of speech are at the very forefront of ongoing conversations.

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Supporting the brands that support our industry!

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In the event you're in need of a great CPA to help with your taxes, we can recommend a specialist experienced with our unique industry needs.

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Do you really know where your leads are coming from? We offer you some helpful tips to optimize your conversion tracking.

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In recent months and weeks, several industry events have brought privacy, security, and payment concerns to the forefront for many of you. We wanted to take a moment to clarify our position on these topics...

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Slixa was recently nominated for the upcoming XBiz 2014 Awards for Progressive Web Company of the Year!

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If you are offering BDSM or Tantra services, you can receive a badge letting site visitors know you are a recognized professional in the BDSM or Tantra community. Another industry first in response to overwhelming demand!

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