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How do you know where you should be advertising?

Your Savvy Sidekick’s Avatar Article by Blog Slixa Under Cover

The thoughtful advice and opinions of the author of this article are meant to be informative and entertaining and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Slixa.

Where should I place my ads?

I have broken it down into some really easy to follow steps:

1) Establish your key words.

What city are you in?

Are you an Escort, Domme, Sub, Tantrika or Sensual Body Rub provider?

Are you a person of color? Consumers rarely search “white” however they will search on ethnicity, Latina, Black, Asian etc...

What is your Gender?

Example of high level key words:

Escort New York
Black VIP Escort Seattle
Latino Domme Boston
Male Sensual Bodyrub

Start with high level key words then...

2) Search like a client would.

Using your relevant key-words do a search of the top 4 search engines and enter in your key words.

3) Make a list of the relevant results.

The results will possibly include agencies and independents. What you are looking for is online adult advertisers. Only note the relevant results on pages 1-3.

4) Do a critical review of your relevant results based on the following criteria.

How is their overall presentation?
How easy is it to navigate?
Are there others offering similar services and rates also advertising?
How is their customer service?
Are there third party banner advertisements driving traffic away from me? (Note: Third party banner ads also make the website susceptible to Malware attacks.)
What is the cost?
What kind of exposure do they offer you in exchange for the cost?
How much time do I need to spend updating ads to maintain relevant exposure? For example some places allow you to post your ad multiple times a day.
Are you able to view your hit stats?
Do they have any perks such as social network linking?

You can use a number ranking system 1-5 with 5 being the best. When is comes to negative and positive questions, use 5 for positive and 1 for negative. For example if they have third party banner ads that is a negative and you can give them a 1 or if they have other similar advertisers to you that is a positive so give them a 5.

Tally up the scores and do a price comparison and invest your ad dollars into the highest scores.

NOTE* Your monthly ad budget should be around 5-7% of what you want to be making per month. If your target income is $10,000 a month, your ad budget should be $500-$700.

It is important to make choices that will result in consumers seeing your ad, calling you and booking an appointment. When testing out a new advertiser, I always say a good rule of thumb for the first month is to make enough to cover the cost of the actual ad.

4) Track Your Marketing

This step is crucial to an ongoing strategy and will help drive your choices on where the best places are to invest.

Make a spread-sheet listing all of the places you currently have ads. When a client calls, ask them right away where they saw the ad.

Include rows for the following:
Date and Time they are calling.
Did they screen?
Did they book?
Did they show up?
Did they cancel?
Did they not show up and not call? (NCNS)
Did they come back?

Include a notes column to jot down observations about the qulaity of client after you have seen them.

Track your results over a three month period including content and imagery changes to track spikes.

Based on your results it is smart to invest 70% of your marketing budget on the top three places that send you the most clients while reserving the rest for ad testing or those placces that may only send you one client.

Regional Resources
Make sure to research other regional resources such as forums and review sites. These can be beneficial but may not show up on traditional searches. You can do this by reaching out to other providers in your area.

Web Site Analytics
Another great tool for tracking your marketing is Google Analytics. It is a simple to use online program that can help you get a picture of where your traffic is coming from and you can use this to compare how many visitors are coming to your site from an advertising source. You can compare this with the amount of visitors that are actually calling. When you sign up you will be instructed to copy and paste a small amount of code onto each page of your website. This can help you track all the visitors to your website and not just the ones that are calling.

Keep it fresh and constantly change things up a bit.
The World Wide Web and consumer tastes are constantly changing. It is good to get in the habit of doing this seasonally or once every 3 months. New advertisers pop up all the time and sometimes even advertisers who have been around for awhile end up failing so it is important to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening to ensure a sustainable and successful business for yourself.

Your Savvy Sidekick

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