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Enter Lovehoney's Sex Toy Contest and See Your Design Become Reality!

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One of the finest ways to discover how ridiculous and creative humans can be is to look at human sexuality. In particular, a good glimpse is checking out the kind of sex toys humans have managed to come up with. Whether people are crafting toys from household objects (PSA: Use something with a FLARED BASE for anal play unless you want to experience a costly and embarrassing hospital visit, please and thank you) or using their skills to come up with something unique, there are all kinds of wild sex toys out there that serve all kinds of uncommon needs.

If you've ever had your own wacky idea, but haven't had the technical skill to make it, here's your chance. Lovehoney is hosting a sex toy design contest that will grant the winners the opportunity to see their sexy concept turned into reality! The winner will not only get their creation made, but win a hefty prize and collect royalties if their toy is chosen.

The expert judges (Erik Kalen, founder of LELO luxury toys, and E L James, author of Fifty Shades of Grey) will pick three winning designs in three categories: Sex Toys for Men, Sex Toys for Women, and Sex Toys for Couples. Each of the winners will win $1500, and the Judges’ Pick will win an additional $3000! Plus, of course, the chance to follow in the footsteps of the 2009 winner and creator of the Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator Trev Murphy, who has since collected over $150,000 in royalties on his clever design.

In honor of Lovehoney's contest, here are a few inspirational ideas from around the internet that may get your noggin working:

1. Fascinator Throe - A Blanket for Your Wildess Fluids 

While not exactly a toy meant for fucking directly, something like this sure helps the process (and arguably counts!). Liberator’s Fascinator Throe is the perfect blanket for catching all of the droplets that you’d like to keep off your fancy surfaces. It allows sex to remain stress-free and fun while making clean up super easy. It’s available in either shag or micro-fiber, has a variety of color options, and is formulated to prevent moisture from soaking through to the other side. While the blanket may not be a ground-breaking sex assist, it definitely serves a much needed purpose.

2.The Fuck Saw - A Fucking Machine Within Your Budget 

Despite its name, this toy is not nearly as scary as it seems! Stockroom attached a dildo to a handheld saw instead of a blade, and now you can get fucked a machine! Whether this toy is used for delicious torture or a gentle, but steady pace, this toy was meant for you and your partner. The Fuck Saw has the sturdiness of hardware that will guarantee it never quits.

3. The Heeldo - A Strap On Harness For Your Foot 

Apparently primarily meant for self play, this toy allows you to strap a dildo to the heel of your foot and fuck yourself silly with a few carefully positioned thrusts. According to’s description, this may be a better fit for anal play than it may be for vaginal play, but being that I haven’t tried it personally, I cannot speak to the accuracy of that claim. Perhaps a toy to review in the future?

4. The Hammer - A Muscle Controlled, Light Up Dildo

Named after the Musee Mechanique’s Test-Your-Strength game, this is an unbelievably pretty, multi-colored cock! For those who want to get a sense of what it’s like to feel truly connected to their toy and their partner or are merely looking for a way to test their kegel strength, this toy is definitely your best bet. Although it is still only a prototype, the Hammer was ranked as Cracked’s #1 Geekiest sex toy, and the video of its creator, Dr. Kristen Stubbs, showing how the toy works is quite impressive.

If you know that you have an itch that has yet to be scratched by one of the latest, greatest inventions, GET ON IT! Make sure to submit your design to Lovehoney before Monday, September 16th, 2013.

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