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Slixa Moves to

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There have been many changes in our industry over the past year. The landscape has changed. Privacy, security and freedom of speech are at the very forefront of ongoing conversations.

To address these concerns, we first want to remind our advertisers and users that Slixa is owned and operated outside of the United States. All components of Slixa are overseas including our servers, which are hosted in a secure data facility located overseas.

In an effort to signal our continued commitment to meeting the needs and desires of our loyal users and advertisers, we’ve elected to move Slixa to a Swiss operated domain -

Nothing else has changed with your Slixa account. Your ads will continue to run uninterrupted, purchasing is unaffected by our move, and you'll continue to receive the record levels of traffic you've always enjoyed.

For more information on how Slixa goes to extraordinary measures to protect your privacy and secure your data, read our stance on the right to privacy.

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