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Annalise Rossi

+The Lovely Annalise Rossi “Somethings Get Better With Age”

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Hello Gentlemen! I’m Annalise Rossi… “Who’s Not Just Your Typical Girl”…

For the few distinguished gentlemen who desire more than just a pretty face – I am NOT your typical girl. A sultry combination of brains and beauty, I strive to break the mold and blow away all stereotypes. You will find out that the true comfort or difference is really my passion and commitment to mutual pleasure.

I am the perfect date for any occasion, a skilled conversationalist with a great sense of humor. My genuine fun-loving character, positive attitude, wonderful outlook on life and my ability to adapt to diverse social situations with ease has made me one of the most sought-after companions worldwide.

My close friends might describe me as being friendly, compassionate, and no doubt quite mischievous, always looking for ways to be naughty! I can also be well behaved as the situation dictates. Whether you desire a date to attend a business function, dining, sightseeing or relaxing or dancing under the stars on a romantic evening, I will be the perfect lady by your side. Always refined and polished in public with a passionate wild streak behind closed doors, I’m a bit old fashion in my way of thinking that a woman should ALWAYS be a lady in public! LESS IS MORE! I don’t need to wear a dress the size of a T shirt to get a mans attention.

I genuinly love what I do because I adore the male species…Your very simple creatures that don’t ask for much to make you happy. That’s not so complicated is it?

I have shoulder length blonde hair, green eyes, 5’7 weigh about 135lbs my beautiful body has curves in all the right places… 36DD a little tiny waist with curvy hips that will “Hypnotize You”

When you get to the part of what peeks my interests? Take it all in with a grain of salt… There things that I love to do but not always by myself.

Life is so much more fun when you can enjoy it with someone else… I hope you enjoyed reading just a small preview of who Annalise is, and hopefully intrigued you enough to take it to the next level… to see what else is inside this package.

I look forward to meeting you very soon and having fun like you’ve never had before! So until then…


The Look

Annalise Rossi is a 5'7", curvy caucasian woman in her early 40's with shoulder length blonde hair and green eyes.

She is available for Men only.


In this day and age there is NO WAY! someone can actually say there BORED! So let the games begin… “I won’t jump out of a perfectly good airplane… However there is nothing more exciting to me than getting my passport stamped! I have a passion for cooking as well as eating every kind of food that doesn’t require a “BUN”

Dancing with the stars or under the stars? You bet! I learned to dance before I learned to walk.

What woman doesn’t like to shop? I love to shop but not for myself per say… I am articulate and more than talented when it comes to dressing a man. Go figure right?

Cars! Cars! Cars! I’m worse than a guy when it comes to cars! Cars, and Shoes… I wish I could have as many cars as I do shoes. So match box cars will have to do until I have more than one two car garage.

Music? I think when a woman has an L7 subwoofer in the trunk of her car… I think she knows a little bit more than most about music. ;-) Wink!

Horses…? I think a ” Thoroughbred and a Mercedes AMG S 65 Coupe” Need I say more?

Flowers…? I have a passion for making floral arrangments, my favorite flowers are ” Sunflowers, Sterling Roses, and White Callalily’s.

Sports… If it can keep me awake while watching it on TV? We’re good to go.

Yada! Yada! Yada! Yap! Yap! Yap! I enjoy having a conversation with anyone with half a brain. I’ll supply the other half.

I think that’s more than enough about what peeks my interests don’t you?

Now it’s your turn handsome… ;-)


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When visiting with me, not only will I offer you a chance to let go of your everyday worries, but also most importantly I will assure you sincerity and DISCRETION with your indulgence.

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