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Miss Anna Davis

+ German Sybarite ready to make you her latest debauchee

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As a luminous mature woman in her early 30’s teeming with sensual energy, you’ll find yourself immediately so drawn in that the very world around us will fall away like dust in the wind. As an elegant, sexy, sophisticated sybarite you will be proud to have me on your arm in public and or all to yourself. You choose!

Are you ready to let your libertine soul shine!? I am! I am always ready. My Mother use to always say I was incorrigible. She was right!
Let me be your guide to a world of splendor and awe!
As a virtuoso of sensual nature and prowess I enjoy nothing more than guiding you to your goal of total and unadulterated pleasure. No matter what that may be I am usually game. ( a few exception of course). You will find my licentiousness and playful soul an absolute breath of fresh air!

I have recently returned from a most enjoyable trip with a GF. I always have a last Summer Exploit of the the Sunny beach variety and then settle into the beautiful Fall and winter that the east coast offers. I find it so fun to peel away the fall layers of clothing and shake off the chill with a glass of Champagne or a warm toddy of honey lemon and the finest bourbon money can by.

Then explore all the ways to raise the temperature not using the thermostat… {wink}
I am a stunning beauty from Europe with the stereotypical European model stature and looks… I am from Germany to be exact.

You will quickly find I am everything you imagined a beautiful European women to be and more! Intelligent , worldly and cultured. Like a fire, I am bright, intriguing, and quick to grab your attention!. I approach everything I do with passion and enthusiasm.

Trying new and adventurous things are passions of mine!

If my words and images evoke an emotion… a feeling…a fantasy, then I have done what I aimed to do…

For I believe the mind is the path to all that is sensual. Without imagination, we are nothing.

The Look

Miss Anna Davis is a 5'11", slender, all natural, 31 year old caucasian woman with shoulder length blonde hair and green eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, and Couples.


I am an avid animal lover (especially horses and dogs) and enjoy activities like surfing, diving and swimming. I am a foodie of sorts in that I love food and discovering new favorites.

Shopping the markets of Morocco, a formal night at the Metropolitan or rollerblading on Venice beach are equally exciting to me. So I am sure we can find many activities that appeal to us both…{wink}


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