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Bay Belles
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Normally, the “About Us” page of any website is marketing fluff. Not at Belles of the Bay. Here you will get the truth of how and why this website was created. We hope this will give you a fuller understanding of what it is the Belles are truly looking for, and how you are an integral part of that.

Belles of the Bay was created to fill a void that we felt was missing in the Adult Entertainment industry. Coming together as elite providers, we asked two questions:

1. What is it that the client really wants?

Not to be presumptuous in judging exactly what it is that a client is looking for in an experience, but all of the answers that came to us from our roundtable discussion, center around one basic need: for the client to feel special. It comes from that deep seeded need, we all have to show that something special that sets us apart from everyone else in this world. It could be your look, your build, your talent, your endowment, your knowledge, your wisdom, your drive, your spirit. It could be any of these things; but the one thing you want, is to be actualized for what it is that you have to offer.

2. What is it that the Belle really wants?

The Belle wants a connection with someone on a multitude of levels. She wants to be treated well and respected by her client. She wants to be well compensated, so she does not have to have many experiences. She wishes to have very few, select gentlemen, that she can occassionally connect with, and at the same time have her needs met.

With these two ideals in mind, we bring you to a place where you can find the special companion you are looking for; and the Belle can find her gentleman caller.


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