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Max Madame

+Oakland’s Deviant Domina here to tend to your souls

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A quick-witted sassy broad, eager to spit fire and drip honey onto your aching flesh.

Hello Curious Creatures,
Let me introduce myself; I’m quite a find. Silky asymmetric brown hair twirls around my fingertips as I stare you down. A sweet grin stretches between my deeply dimpled cheeks as you find yourself lost in my inspiring blue eyes framed by jet-black glasses and an arched eyebrow. Broad shoulders top a curvy 5’6” frame, made daunting in my favorite high heels. My muscular build and creamy skin dusted with freckles, will have you grinning – until my unexpected strength pushes you to your knees.
I’m Max Madame - and I’m here to save you. Let the everyday monotony melt away. I know you hold a desire deep in you and I know you want to reveal it. Come here, let your secret escape your lips and find my ear. Place it in my skilled hands, and I will help you bring it to fruition.
I’m a quick-witted sassy bitch, eager to spit fire and drip honey onto your aching flesh. If you feel worthless, lost or in need of attention, fret not; under my careful gaze you shall be coveted and held, you shall be mine and in that place find your salvation. I’m a true blue exhibitionist and revel in letting my freak flag fly high when I put on a show for you. I am a sight to behold: both strength and softness define my body and my mind, allowing me to flow between command and kindness, tenderness and terror. I also have a huge foot, boot and heel fetish, so foot boys and service subs to the front, please. These divine arches won’t massage themselves; I’m sure you’re up to the task. Be it a cruel bitch or a crooning caregiver you seek, I’ll make your fantasy come alive.

The Look

Max Madame is a 5'6", curvy, all natural, 26 year old caucasian woman with medium length brunette hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.


My interests range from vegetarian cooking and vintage clothing to camping and performance art. I’m university educated and may be found spending my time crafting new art projects or enjoying a solitary homemade brunch on my sunny deck. I live my life ecstatically and aim to fill it with laughter, bright colors, sweet smells, brilliant sights, and delightful conversation with well mannered company.

Should you find yourself inspired, I’m happy to receive a token of your affection. I enjoy red wine, chocolate and shoes (9.5); though for more specific ideas you may visit my wishlist.…


A Show: As an exhibitionist, I enjoy an audience of any size. I range from campy and comical to sweet and sensual as well as naughty and dirty. Enjoy watching me glow with a glorious smile on my face - you’ll find I truly go the distance.
300 per hour

Cuddle Time: Everyone deserves to be touched and held. For those who crave an empathetic embrace, crawl into my lap and let me rock your woes away . Curl up by my side and relish the sweet stroke of my fingertips through your hair. Step into my arms and feel the relief of a long awaited hug from my strong arms. Let me create a cozy space to satisfy that most basic of human needs - to cuddle.
250 per hour

Total Domination: My Domination style is sweet and sadistic. I relish having your body at my mercy. I enjoy both novices and the seasoned BDSM player.
300 per hour


Please begin by sending me an email and completing my screening process. Your email should include:

*Two recent provider references with contact info AND/OR employment verification. Your privacy and my safety are my top priorities.
*A brief introduction of your session interests

Contact Info