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+A BodyGlide is to Nuru, as is a Tesla to a Taurus.

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BodyGlide - Hot Oil B2B Massage

Located in Adam’s Morgan. Check Website for Availability and Special Promotions!

Early Bird Weekday Special - come and see me during the week before 2pm for the gift of a VIP upgrade, with the option to lock in that donation scale if you’re interested in becoming a regular.

What’s a BodyGlide? Well, have you heard of Nuru? So a BodyGlide is to Nuru, what a Tesla is to a Taurus. If you can solve that riddle, then this is definitely an experience that you will love. I combine Nuru with the therapeutic aspects of traditional massage, mostly Namikoshi Shiatsu, using a generous amount of organic oils that I blend myself. I use my whole body to ensure your muscles all get the attention they deserve, incorporating deep Thai yoga-styled stretches that target the joints and spine (great for your golf swing!).

What’s in a session? It begins with a soothing sponge bath (or shower) with organic, all natural body wash, and an awesome BodyGlide by yours truly with organic skin conditioning oils. This is a supremely pampering experience fit for the likes of Prince Hakim!

I’m petite, classy, educated, and highly skilled… I’m not just some girl who will douse you with toxic mineral oil (aka baby oil), while clumsily pretending to know what to do. Nor will you be greeted by someone other than who’s depicted in the photos. I’m neither old nor a single pound over 110. (I’ve heard the horror stories). I’m a trained by the best in the art of Shiatsu, and have the agility, passion, and creativity to render you putty in my hands.

Wanna know more? Check out the FAQs and Newbie sections of my website, and then book a session! Online booking available.

Accepting all major credit and debit cards! Check out my reviews through the usual means! You’ll definitely want to come and see me. ;-)

With Love & Wellness,


C/T: 240.630.2654

Social Media/Kik: BodyGlider

The Look

Ella is a 5'6", slender, all natural black woman with medium length brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.


Considering that I’m naturally inquisitive, my interests are broad and many. One thing I can say that I love most of all, is music. I grew up singing, and dancing ballet and jazz. I also played flute and piccolo.

When it comes to music, if it sounds good, and touches my soul, I love it! There’s no specific genre. I love accoustic R&B, straight forward jazz, hip-hop. But on any given day, you may catch me listening to the Led Zeplin, Stone Temple Pilots, or perhaps, Frank Sanatra. You may even find me in a bubble bath with, “Moonlight Sonata” or Chopin’s Noctorns playing in the background.

I love new experiences. Especially those involving food, booze, and far away lands. I love theatre and concerts. I love love loooove the sun.


Etiquette and discretion in communications is extremely important. I don’t discuss session details or answer questions pertaining to what occurs.

I love engaging couples, but I require such sessions to be organized by the lady counterpart of the couple. At this time, I do not engage in sessions with third party providers.

See Newbie and FAQ sections of my website for more info.

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