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Nikita Lin

+Sensual Petite Treat

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My name is Nikita and I am pleased to make your acquaintance. If a little fun is all you seek, then I am not your girl. However, if you are open to exploring something deep within you, may it be pleasure, adventure, or a bit of an escape, then you’ve found me. Who am I? Hopefully the girl that can make you feel renewed. I want to invigorate all of your passion and senses, make you feel both calm and excited like standing at the edge of a beautiful waterfall.You take in all that’s around you…but a part of you is saying “dive in”. Well go ahead, dive in. Say hello, and take a chance at this encounter.

A sensual petite treat with an unquenching thirst for adventure and connection. I am elegant, well mannered, and most importantly, discreet. Simple things and complex people are all that make me happy. I strive to make others as happy as I am. I am not the type of girl who will go through “the motions” and our date will never ever feel mechanical. I am a natural pleaser and I am never in a rush. Getting to know me in person, you will find that I am seductively sweet. I enjoy pulling people into my world and letting them experience all that I have to offer. So let’s create something memorable.

I stand at 5’1 (on a good day) and I speak 4 languages to better communicate with more people because I geniuinely like getting to know them. I have a lust for life. I’ll try anything once and you’ll get bonus points if you can give me an experience I’ve never had before. I am ambitious, positive, polite, and well traveled. I can fit in at just about any situation. From the the upper echelons of the business world, to paint stained overalls in the middle of nowhere. A perfect companion for the discerning gentlemen.

The Look

Nikita Lin is a 5'1", slender, all natural, 22 year old asian woman with medium length black hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men only.


Likes: Mature, respectful gentlemen, Sense of humor, Good hygiene, Fine dining, Chocolates


Thank you for taking the time to read my etiquette page. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any unanswered questions or concerns.

Please email me at [email protected] - this is my primary means of communication.

Screening is absolutely mandatory. I will only use the information to verify you and it will then be discarded in a safe and secure manner.

Introduce yourself! At least give your full name, where you found my contact info, and the desired time and location of our appointment.

Messages that are graphic, lewd, or suggestive in nature will be deleted and you will be placed on my “do not see” list.

I place an importance on my personal hygiene and will always show up well groomed. I would love for my gentlemen to be too!

Please avoid smoking right before you see me as I have trouble with the smell.

In regards to donation: If it’s an outcall, please leave the donation and your photo ID on the bathroom sink. If it’s an incall, please leave the donation and your photo ID clearly in view before excusing yourself to the bathroom to shower. In a public venue, I would suggest the gift of a book with an envelope inside containing the donation. I may excuse myself to the bathroom to confirm it. After that, I’m all yours!

If I do not recieve my payment in the begining of our meeting, or you attempt to discuss the payment, I may leave without further explanation and that’ll be no fun for either of us!

Contact Info