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Corey Edwards in Alaska

+Mature, Older More Mature IN Alaska !

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I’ve spent a lifetime cultivating my powers of observation, and honing an ability to not just communicate but to select the right ways of being a powerful lady in a sweet, slow, sexy, soft/sensual way

Adults understand each other and as seasoned veteran, who is built to break hearts with her dangerous curves. Approachable personality of this vixen will draw you in and keep you coming back for more. I may be older, bolder and smarter BUT…I surrender to the 5 S’s:

(1) Sweet ( I enjoy being nice)
(2) Sexy ( In the way I handle myself)
(3) Slow ( Take my time and I’m gentle along the way)
(4) Soft ( my touch, my smell, my skin)
and the most important one
(5) Sensual ( I love the art of touch, the kiss, the cuddle, the snuggle.

This Experienced Guide will get you ready for an expedition. Are you ready?

The hunt is powerful. The hunter and the hunted—in the perfect hunt—become one. Two hearts beating as one. Do you thrill to being the hunter or the hunted?
Check your gun, your ammo. Take your vitamins; align your sights. What you’ll find is a refined brunette who’s a beauty—sleek and unique. She is wanted by many yet experienced by few. When handling her, you will have a true trophy experience. She brings a grace, stealth and animal ferocity that you never dreamed existed.

I have now moved to Alaska! Send me a email for more updated info and I plan to make my new home in Wasilla which is near Anchorage.

I also have a new website! Send me a email for that info as well.

Reviews: #4700 on one of the famous reviews sites for Atlanta

Introduce yourself:678-653-1588, email with letter of introduction: [email protected]

The Look

Corey Edwards in Alaska is a 5'10", curvy, all natural, mature caucasian woman with long brunette hair and green eyes.

She is available for Men only.


Do What You Love…without apology or guilt.
It’s your life, it’s your money and It’s YOUR time. You’ve earned the right.
Life is incredibly brief, the world we live in is very uncertain and at the end of the day the government will get most of your money.
Take charge of the time and money you have. Follow your Bliss.
I love sharing your passion and love making it a visible reality.


Pre-Screening is required before setting up a time to meet.

Alaska Rates

1 Hour Safari Trek 300
1 Hour Expedition 300-OUT CALL to Hotels

2 Hours Safari Indulgence 500

3 Hours Grand Experience 700
Overnight Safari Expedition 1200

For those over 65, I have a special rate for you!

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