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Lucy Nova

+“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.” ~Rumi

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“Life is wild. Love is wild. And existence is absolutely wild.” ~Osho

Muse. Mystic. Magical.

“I, woman, am that wonder-breathing rose that blossoms in the garden of a king.” ~Elisa Barker

Live dangeroulsy. Isn’t that what you came for?

What is it you fancy? What enlivens your tastes, gives dimension to your horizon, sends a spark of energy up your spine? If I am correct, it is something which cannot be defined, matched, or easily understood. It is something so rare, complex, dynamic…a paradox within itself. Breathtaking, yet life giving; it is a force so powerful and penetrative you know it by no other name. For a moment all is still; there is no other reality to be known.

Enters Lucy.

Simple. Honest. ME.

Living a life of unabashed, creative freedom. Plays with wild abandon. Fearless in pursuit of happiness; Never to be defined by, nor restricted by rulers of societies. My life is my own, shared in pieces with those who wish to experience the insatiable, the exceptional, the otherworldly-ness. Scribble a moment in time with me. Take up a page, or the whole damn chapter if you dare. Perfectly designed to take you to the edge of yourself, leaving you fixated in silence…because there are no words.

I spend a significant amount of time traveling both in the US and abroad. I know no limits when it comes to wandering the planet. I thoroughly savor exotic new locations, even more so in the company of exceptional individuals who embody the same thirst for life as I. If you are admiring from afar, no worries. Fly me to you! Not miles, not borders, nor bodies of water, can stop two stars born to align. Let us shine together.

Loves You,


The Look

Lucy Nova is a 5'7", curvy, all natural, 31 year old caucasian / native american woman with long auburn hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, and Couples.


Shedding some light on my rather simple interests in life… I consider intellectual banter foreplay. I am quite the foodie, enjoying delectable eatery at undiscovered local venues, where fresh ingredients and sustainable efforts are incorporated into their business models. My love of history and global artifacts is unending, specifically Asian cultures. I have a private liberal arts institution education and am endeavoring to begin my Master’s studies at present. My fields of expertise cover psychology, religious studies and women’s and gender studies. I am not a feminist, but a humanist. I spent a semester abroad in Burma and extended sabbaticals in India. Books are preferred to almost everything in life. Museums and libraries are my sanctuaries.

I do enjoy a good brain veg; movies are the best said escape. I am secretly in love with super heroes. You can find me in a vintage store or seeking out the best local coffee shops any day in my free time. I feel most alive outdoors. I would dawn yoga pants daily if I could get away with it. All extracurricular play aside, I work out like a mad lady. I spend several hours a week between cross-fit training, boxing, and my yoga studio. I do it not nearly as much for how I look, as for how it contributes to my overall well-being. I relish in my solitude. Alone, never lonely. I love the night air, full moons, rain storms and the sounds of birds chirping. Wanderlust in my heart, I crave travel to unfamiliar terrains, and frolics with new friends. Last but not least, silence. “Two silences can not remain two. They become one.” (Osho) There is nothing more beautiful than to share presence with another without the distraction of words.


Please review my website, see the “Road Map” page for details.

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