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Head Mistress Scarlet

+My wicked mind guides you into the darkest depths of fantasy.

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I will seep into your mind, body, and soul, taking over your senses until you can imagine nothing else.

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Chicago Illusions

Gaze into my penetrating eyes as they pierce through your soul, extracting your deepest, darkest fantasies. Embark on a journey through my realm of endless possibilities and dreams made flesh. Succumb to my powers of cryptic seduction and sensual corruption. See if you have what it takes to earn your way into my stable. I will show you things beyond your wildest dreams and help you discover your true nature, buried beneath the surface. There are many ways you can serve me. Through servitude, role-play, fetish or even just kinky fun, I will find a way to make use of you.

I will teach you to worship every inch of my body, from my perfectly pedicured toes to my luscious, scarlet lips. Once you open yourself up to me, I will seep into your mind, body, and soul, taking over your senses until you can imagine nothing else.

I enjoy playing with a multitude of sensations, sending chills throughout your body as I run my fingers across your skin, even electrifying my touch at times. I love to ride that fine line between agony and ecstasy as I discover just how much you can take for me.

I love to transform my supplicants, transporting them to another world. This is a world without guilt or shame, where you are free to be who you truly are inside. My sissies will discover the woman they are meant to be. I will alter your mind as well as your body, teaching you to think and act like a woman, not just look like one.

I enjoy embodying a variety of different roles from the classics to the bizarre. Medical scenes are a specialty of mine. As your naughty nurse or devious doctor, I will turn you into the perfect patient, subjecting you to numerous tests and experiments. I’ve also always had a taste for the taboo, which has grown into an insatiable appetite. My sinister mind and forbidden thoughts would make even the kinkiest of you blush.

From novices to experienced lifestyle players; men, women, and couples; come find the true path to happiness under my command. Through exploration, I will help you discover the excitement you have been craving and a new passion for life. I will show you how to embrace your desires and free your mind.

Subject yourself to my psyche and sink into the bliss of submission. Escape reality and immerse yourself in the paradise of fantasy. Confess to me all your dirty, little secrets. I will cherish them always and take them to my grave.

The Look

Head Mistress Scarlet is a woman.

She is available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.

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