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Sexy Sasha

+Tiny, tight 22yr old redheaded dancer, model, med student, entrepreneur.

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Never do anything that doesn’t make you happy.

“Red-and-ready, Sexy Sasha,” they used to call me. I’m a nomad by birth, caretaker by trade, artist by choice. I have been a professional dancer for 18yrs (and counting,) and am always looking for new ways to explore and use my creativity and determination - physically, mentally, and otherwise. I have always referred to myself as a dancer, not by my name. Dance is more than just something I do. To me, it is who I am.

I always maintain my class, tact and grace, regardless of the situation or how messy, indecent or ugly it may be. I believe a true lady should always remain true to herself while maintaining elegance in every way she demonstrates her strength as a lady, no matter how tradition or non conventional she may be.

Ambitions and goals are two things every lady needs to be successful, and do I have plenty of those! ;) I am currently attending a non traditional med school and hope to one day have my own practice and travel the country and world to give my services to anyone and everyone who may need it. I am always striving to gain more knowledge and develop myself and my skills professionally and personally. I also have a couple dozen side projects and business ideas I’m always working on at any given time.

I think the most defining part of any lady is how she interacts with others. I’ve always believed in lending a hand, ear, or whatever it may be, to whom ever may need, if you are at all able to help someone. I believe a lady should always lead and care for and spoil her partner every chance she can. But I don’t think a lady should just carelessly throw all of her love into anyone and everyone who’s willing to take it. A good partner is more than just available, they are also respectful, courteous, and generous, regardless of their role in or outside the room. Everything a man gives a woman, she multiplies. This is true on many levels. As much as I love unrefined, concrete connections, mental and spiritual connections are what really get my heart racing. The brain is the biggest primary organ a person has. If you can fuel someone’s brain, the rest is in the bag!

The Look

Sexy Sasha is a 5'3", slender, all natural, 22 year old caucasian woman with red hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.


I love to travel, meet new people and experience new things. I am very interested in all things relating to understand people and the human psyche, the strengths and knowledge that can be gained from pushing perceived boundaries, and naturally and holistically healing and encouraging raw growth, all within ourselves and others around us. I believe in taking things back to the basics and being equiped with the (free) knowledge to develop and stick to your own faith and beliefs, without infringing on those of others’ and always lending a helping hand-up when needed and when able. Knowledge is power and there is strength in numbers. And I am always looking for my next adventure, or I will go out and create one, myself!

What lady doesn’t love flowers? I, personally, love fake flowers (glass, wood, cloth, etc. - they last longer than real flowers,) and candy, fruit, chocolate, etc. flowers (they taste better than real flowers.)

I dare you to name me one lady, or any person, for that matter, who doesn’t love to be pampered. Perfume, bath items, candles, whatever it may be. As far as any smell goods, vanilla is my favorite scent! I also love lavendar (particularly if it’s mixed with another scent - like vanilla,) musky scents, “midnight” scents, rose, some floral scents, and many other smell good scents (minus the “citrusy” stuff.) I’ve never been a big fan of citrus-related scents (orange, passionflower, etc.) I do love oils (of all scents - I love to mix and match and create my own potions and solutions,) incense, candles. I am also a huge fan of lotions and moisturizures, although I hardly ever use any (except when I’m being pampered, of course.)

Yeah, yeah, yeah. All ladies love chocolates, right? I know dark chocolates are the healthiest kind of chocolates, and they are quite delicious, but milk chocolates really are my faves! So are carmels and, of course, vanilla. White chocolate, I could live without. I am a fan of chocolate covered peanuts, fruits, and many other chocolate covered things.

Speaking of which, milkshakes are the key to my heart! Milkshakes, ice cream, and hot cocoa (particularly in the winter time; regular cocoa - basically choc. milk - for the summer time, or any season time.) You can’t go wrong with chocolate or vanilla. I do love the cookies dough and the cookies and cream ice cream flavors, and many other ice cream flavors (minus the “citrusies,” of course.)

One crucial thing you must know, though; I HATE coffee! Coffees, mochas, lattes, frappes, (yes, even the vanilla or chocolate ones,) you name it. Anything with the slightest HINT of anything coffee is a NO GO for me. I’m sorry! :( I just can’t do it.

Also, I physically cannot drink alcohol. I used to drink “back in the day,” but I quit just shy of my 20th birthday. Then the following summer I became physically incapable of drinking any amount of alcohol, no matter how small the sip, without becoming violently ill, and sometimes ending up in the hospital, for several days, up to a full week.

I love going to concerts, festivals, races, games, charity events, road rallys, hunting and fishing, shooting (photography and weapons,) events or activities of any and every type, indoor and outdoor. I absolutely love to get out and socialize and experience! I have such a wide array of interests, it would be impossible to list everything! Writing, sports, music, technology, gaming, arts, DoItYourself-things, cooking, travel, health and wellness, “outdoorsy-stuff” (hiking, hunting, fishing,) cars/vehicles (yeah, I’ll admit I’m a total truck-addict!) Physical, mental and intellectual, emotional, spiritual, financial and occupational, social, environmental. You name it, and more likely than not, I’m down and ready to go!


Please be respectful at all times!

Lying is the number one thing in this world I cannot tolerate! Just do not do it, please. At least, not to me.

Communication, communication, communication! Communication is the key to success, and leads to community, that is, understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing. Meanings are often lost in translation via text, and I much prefer to make small talk or have big or important or lengthy or personal conversations in person; to avoid wasting time and avoid any misunderstandings and problems that could arise from either.

Please schedule as soon as possible, if possible. While I can usually easily accomodate last minute requests, I cannot always guarantee them. I understand the value of time. I am very flexible, punctual and professional, and expect the same from you, as well.

I screen and verify everyone before our first encounter. No exceptions! There are several ways I can verify you. I need to protect your privacy and safety, just as much as I need to protect mine. Especially when I, most likely (99.9% of the time,) am the one with MUCH more at risk than you. I’d much rather work together and have an experience based on trust and respect; our encouter will be much better that way, anyways.



150/half hr







90/half hr BODY RUB

160/1hr BODY RUB








+50 per additional half hr distance after the first half hr.


50$ OFF one hr or longer with CODE: SLICK

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