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+Everyone’s soulmate…

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Spoil me. Be sweet to me.

Enjoy everything about yourself. Understand that you have one body, one mind, one spirit, and one life with which you must do anything and everything you can. Get fit. See how that feels. Get fat. See how that feels. Get sick. Skydive. Get laid. Send a letter. Roller skate. Eat a worm. Slap a cactus. Build a house. Build a home. Fail. Put on a scarf. Roll down a hill. Make a million. Make 37.50. Chant. Take a good long dump. Wear a tuxedo. Kiss slowly. Have children. Don’t have children. Act. Drive too far. Sleep on your stomach. Pluck a turkey. Whatever you do, do it with intention and the utmost attention to the space and time in which you exist.

Stop worrying about what others may think. Chances are, they are concerned with their own lives. You are only as important as you make others feel, so start liking what you were born with, and your appreciation will be infectious. If you don’t like who you are, and you can change, do it. As soon as you realize the infinite power you posess when you harness your humanity, you will embrace each moment as it unfolds, and take responsibility for your own life.

This mentality is what drives me to seek THE MOST in life, and love, with my body, my mind, my ever expanding soul…

I want to embrace each delicious moment, and I prefer to savor these laughing hysterically or languishing next to someone that sets me on fire with their attention and generosity.

With me, you can be who you are when no one is around.

Comfort, stimulation, joy, laughter, intensity, relaxation, adventure, and pure unadulterated pride in living transparent, confident, and sensual lives are what drive me to seek the company of people that are hungry for the same.

While I am unmistakably large and in charge when moving through the world, I adore someone with a strong presence that loves to teach, command, and relish the softness and yielding nature of my personality and guiding me correctly when I transgress…

By that same token, when you prove yourself to be exceptionally reverent of my spirit and stature and you tribute accordingly, I will gladly take control of your mind, body, and finances so you can soak in the privilege of a vibrant, generous domme consuming your senses.

While I tailor every experience to satisfy and engage each guest of mine, I operate with consent, respect, and cleanliness at the core of every interaction.

I am proud of who I am, what I do, and how I do it, and I want to enjoy the presence of others with that same mentality. Whether we’re exploring each other with sharpness of mind, taking trips literally or figuratively with the help of exciting potions, making art, lounging about all weekend, or just letting me take away the stress of daily routine and charade, I am present, available, and ready for a genuine and real experience together.

I verify through references, ID and employment verification and I do so with the utmost emphasis on safety and discretion for myself and any guests I entertain or that seek my consult.

Cooperation and respect will send you directly into the fantasy you’ve always wanted… A friend, an empress, a brat, a clown, keeper of the keys, or a gypsy heart you can find a home in me when we’re together.

I am anxiously awaiting my invitation…


The Look

Mimosa is a 5'10", curvy, all natural, 29 year old caucasian / latina / middle eastern / native american woman with shoulder length auburn hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.


Travel, 420, laughter, learning new things, worship, service, theater, opera, literature, art, experimentation with mental expansion, bondage, comedy, fine things, trashy things, the eternal dichotomy of trash and treasure is largely what keeps me interested in day to day interactions. I just want to make others comfortable enough to be exactly who they are. Everything else will follow naturally and vibrantly.


Please contact me or my assistant via email at [email protected]

All booking info is available here:

I verify via photo ID, employment, and references.

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