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Daphne Rose

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+Warm and Intriguing Mature Brunette Awaits You

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“To see more is to be more.” ~ from a very dear, old friend of mine

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Hello, I’m Daphne.

Some call me the perfect girlfriend. I’m here when needed, out of sight when not, and always up for whatever you have in mind for us, whether that be a quiet night in or a loud, late night at a concert. Whether we spend an hour or a day together, I’m sure to brighten your reality.

A proud head-turner, I relish and flourish in the company of the man who appreciates a beautiful, youthful, smart, charming and graceful woman. I can be so low-key that no one in the room will have any idea I’m there. I can also be the woman who enters the room and distracts every single person in it without trying. You wouldn’t guess my age and I’ve been told I have the poise of Grace Kelly, a few times.

Care to see this in action? Or slip away together? Your choice.

The Look

Daphne Rose is a 5'8", slender caucasian woman in her early 40's with long brunette hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.


My interests are pretty varied. I would say I’m super easy going, but then my interests don’t really reflect that. For example, I don’t really enjoy laying around much unless it is with purpose. To watch a movie in bed, for example, would be a good reason. Or to lay on a beach and enjoy the sun. But you won’t find me vegging out in front of the tele with a bag of crisps all day, to be sure. Conversely, I will enthusiastically watch YouTube cat videos for lord knows how many hours and even proudly alert the world to my engagement on social media. So it’s not all high-brow up in my joint.

To highlight some of the more unique aspects of my personality, I love to read and am really into history, ethnographies and biographies, especially about the Progressive Era in America, from 1870 to present. In a different vein, I recently learned to read, write and speak Arabic in the Shami dialect. My passion is passion, and whether I’m styling a photo shoot for myself or fulfilling one of my volunteer gigs here in town, I do it with enthusiasm. I love to cook and eat and almost always order dessert. Sometimes I’m in the mood to get dressed up and go out, and other times I like to stay in and just read and nosh on dinner. I’m super affectionate and easygoing with my friends. I have always quickly been able to warm up to others and build a connection. It’s just kinda who I am.

I’m a Midwestern girl who has traveled all over the world. I’m intrigued by people and their place in society. I’m humbled by my place of privilege in this world. I am often ready to learn something new and jump at any chance to travel, visit museums and see shows. When I visit a new place I want to eat where the locals do while enjoying some of the more luxurious comforts when they are available. I have happily camped in many a tent yet relish in perfect giant bathtubs with hot water that stays hot forever.

I crave physical activity so I’m either in a 90 minute hot yoga class or in an intense 45 minute spinning class at least three days per week. Daily meditation quiets all those constant thoughts on what to do next, how to be a better person, why are we here, and self-judgment noise. I’m an overachiever who really needs downtime and I’m mighty excellent at dropping it all and going to the spa for a few hours. I’m also very good at knowing how to get a person who is constantly go-go-go to finally relax.


If you know by now that you’d like to get together, please reach out by introducing yourself here or via email. My rates are set low enough that I truly am afforded the luxury of spending time with the people who I choose versus who I have to.

One Hour $300

90 Minutes $450

Two Hours $600

Longer engagements are discounted and available for clients I’ve seen previously. I sometimes don’t charge for travel time if we are going somewhere really cool together.

It is best for any business person to schedule appointments in advance but in this realm, not many people can do that. On the other hand, I can’t jeopardize my safety by seeing clients who have not been screened adequately on short notice. A solution: we screen in advance.

I’ve been told I am very easy to see and really flexible. In fact, I often see a client who texts “I’m in the neighborhood—can I stop by?” In order to get on that “nice list” of friends who can stop by, you have to get through my screening process. It’s not hard or extensive. It’s designed for me to find out enough info about you that I feel safe meeting you.

Best Regards,


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