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Genie in a bottle

+Genie in a bottle ::I can grant all your wishes!

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You can have your own personal Genie in A bottle.

You don’t have to look any more gentlemen, Genie is here. Although I’m more beautiful on the inside then out, i have a charm about me you will not forget. Sweet&Sexy Southern Belle with pretty Green Eyes, I can connect with all different types of personalities in all aspects of life.I usually have a smile on my face and love to have the people around me do so as well. If you had a frown when I see you it will not be there long. My life is OK but I have always had a wandering mind,so therefore I know I deserve more and i promise you that i definitely know how to show appreciation.

The Look

Genie in a bottle is a 5'2", slender, all natural, 35 year old caucasian woman with medium length blonde hair and green eyes.

She is available for Men only.


I’m a rare breed. I have a huge heart it’s way to big for my body and I don’t like to see people unhappy or missing something out of their life all I need is the time. I can find what it is you are missing out of your life or for whatever reason you are here I can help you figure thatnout. I view things way different then other girls and do not have any judgement towards others.I’m a very spur of the moment and spontaneous female but I can also be super chill its what ever type of energy you put out. I say what ever comes to mind so I’m Definally not a robot and going through the motions . I will treat you like a person and the bond will be priceless. I would like to think I’m all you need because I know what I bring to the table but then again I know men like variety , we’ll guess what I can be any choice …well … almost…Let’s make this a masterpiece


All I expect is three little things and one will come naturally upon getting to know me…1) Must Be respected, I know what role I have so therefore I leave it up to you! Please make sure you know your role and can handle it so that we can stick to the plan and try to have the perfect understanding of each other…2) Respect that we have to have a safe haven that we meet up that we are comfortable with at and it will not be our homes …3 )SAFETY REQUIRED… Please do not violate that in any type of way . Please don’t bring up the money to me… I don’t and will never look at it that way , I’ve been very blessed with the people I’ve met through this and will always be forever grateful to them and priceless memories we share .

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