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Be Kind to the Unkind, they need it the most

A most intimate prelude to a most sensuous kiss in the arms of a most voluptuous, seductive, flirtatious companion …

To you I say: Welcome!

When our hearts are open we naturally follow our desires. We attract partners who treat us with respect and consideration. We are in flow with the magic of life. I keep my heart open for myself - because being open feels good!

Inside my pretty package, I give you substance. I allow you deeply into my mind, my heart… Even my spirit, if you are open to such things! You heart is welcome and you are welcome to mine.

I effortlessly provide love on every level you are open to, with no obligation We have our total freedom and I will follow your lead. After all, freedom is the oxygen that fuels the flames of passion!

I am in my late 30s with soft, perfect Olive skin and a joyfulness that permeates everything I do. I have 1 tattoo and no piercings. I wear a curvy girl size 12 and do not do drugs of any kind nor do I smoke. I am an educated and cultured woman with refined tastes. I hold 2 Degrees, Business Management and Nursing.

My exploration into tantra, Reiki Massage and somatic healing, and meditation has showed me what is possible through attentive, skilled touch! I effortlessly blend all of my skills with playful lust, so nothing feels prescribed or inauthentic. We can enjoy a seamless, intimate experience from the moment we lay eyes on each other.

I will use your support to be the best partner I can be for you: available, attentive, well rested, well presented, happy and healthy. You can use my support in whatever way makes you happy - for your wealth, your family, or your health – as you wish!

The Look

Chacha is a 5'5", curvy, all natural native american woman in her early 40's with medium length brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men only.


I love being Naked when possible . Sun Bathing is my passion. You will always find me at the beach or on the snow or in the mountains. I enjoy nature and what it has to offer us.

I am trained in massage and tantra and trainning to become a Reiki Master, but my main desire is to find our unique chemistry and provide a profoundly nourishing experience free of any rules or limiting structure. Life has enough rules already, don’t you think?

I love art, theater and music of all kinds. I do yoga almost everyday, and know all the beaches in Southern California because I was born and raised there. So if travel is your thing, I have California covered. As far as food and travel go, I’ve traveled far too much to be squeamish …


A 90 minute lunch date at your place is $600.

A 2 hour lunch or dinner date out is $800.

A weekend getaway is $5000.

Please add Uber or airline travel fees for dates at your location if not within a 3 hour travel. You can text me with your name and desired date details, or use my booking form for a quicker response. I need at least 48 hours notice so I can be in town. You can rest assured that I will be rejuvenated and looking forward to your company!


When one of us starts the party before the other, it can be hard to sync up. Let’s have a glass of wine when I arrive, not before.

The rates are not negotiable. I will not entertain anyone who asks. Wonderful experiences are available at every price level. This is mine.

When we are together I am 100% present with you and when I leave, I leave the situation 100%. What happens with us stays between us. I do not accept or write reviews.

I love our little arrangement. I’m not desperate, broke, or looking for a husband, nor do I judge you for your desires.

I am discrete. I will not contact you unless responding to a contact you initiated. If you don’t receive a response from a voicemail you have left, please text me to arrange a chat.

I am 100% free of anything icky and want to stay that way. Please reschedule if you’re under the weather. Thanks!

I enjoy the art of getting to know someone. I hope to know you for a very long time, if that is your wish. In my experience, it just keeps getting better and better.

I cannot wait to make your acquaintance.

Kisses! Chacha

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